Terms of use

1. In general

If myVETmo Students Navigator or “We” is mentioned in these Terms of Use, this refers to the platform at the URL https://myvetmo-studentnavigator.schoolution.net/, which is operated by the following company:

Registrar of Companies Taiwan, ROC
Number: 43905890

Represented by:
Erica Chang
Phone: +4917643320490
E-mail: erica (at) polynomad.com

myVETmo Students Navigator invites visitors to try out a free beta version of a community platform under the main domain name https://myvetmo-studentnavigator.schoolution.net/. The terms of use apply to the entire login area and are accepted by the user by confirmation during login.

We reserve the right to adapt the terms of use with effect for the future. Reasons for this may be a changed legal situation, the further development of the website offer, updates or optimized transparency of the terms of use.

The myVETmo Students Navigator platform is based on the democratic principle of freedom of expression. The aim of this test version is to give users an insight into how this platform works. The user has the right to free expression of opinion within the contents. Nevertheless, suggestions to discussions and/or the publishing of information that describe an illegal and/or according to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany punishable action and/or are to encourage such are forbidden.
Each user is responsible for contents, which he or she publishes in the Community (e.g. texts, data, photos, videos etc.)

No prior registration is required to use this trial version. With the log-in via so-called test accounts on the homepage, the visitor of the page becomes a user of myVETmo Students Navigator. The user is not entitled to use all existing functions of myVETmo Students Navigator.

2. Costs of myVETmo Students Navigator

myVETmo Students Navigator allows users free of charge to publish articles, comments and media within the login area that within the scope of these terms of use. Beyond that no further service obligations are taken over.

3. Obligations of the user

The user undertakes not to publish any content that violates these Terms of Use.
In the event of a violation, myVETmo Students Navigator may modify, delete or deny the user further access to the contributions written by the user.
myVETmo Students Navigator has a claim against the member for indemnification against claims by third parties asserted by them due to the violation of a right by the member. The user is also obliged to bear the costs of a reasonable legal defence of myVETmo Students Navigator. The aforementioned obligation does not apply if the user is not responsible for the possible infringement.

4. Rights of use

The copyright for the contributions remains with the user as far as they are protectable. However, the user grants myVETmo Students Navigator a simple, spatially and temporally unlimited right of use to the content by posting the contribution. In addition, myVETmo Students Navigator has the right to delete, edit, move or close contributions. Contributions in this sense are texts, graphics, pictures, videos, etc. The right of use remains in effect even after the user has used this platform.

5. Disclaimer

myVETmo Students Navigator is not able to check published contents of users in advance and is not liable for the timeliness, accuracy and completeness of the content created by users. myVETmo Students Navigator shall only be liable for damages other than those resulting from injury to life, body or health if such damages are the result of intentional or grossly negligent action or culpable breach of an essential contractual obligation by myVETmo Students Navigator, its employees or its vicarious agents. This also applies to damages resulting from the violation of duties during contract negotiations as well as from the performance of unlawful acts. Any further liability for damages is excluded.
The liability is limited to the damages typically foreseeable at the time of conclusion of the contract and to the amount of the contract-typical average damages except in the case of intentional or grossly negligent conduct, breach of a cardinal obligation or injury to life, body or health by myVETmo Students Navigator, its employees or its vicarious agents.
The provisions of the Product Liability Act remain unaffected.

myVETmo Students Navigator deletes contents, which offend against criminal and press law regulations of the Federal Republic of Germany and/or morality, if we receive knowledge of it. This includes illegal purposes as well as obscene and harassing behaviour or links to such unacceptable content. myVETmo Students Navigator reserves the right, in the event of a criminal offence, to report the same to the police or to support a corresponding investigation by providing information. myVETmo Students Navigator in no case supports the incitement / incitement to criminal offences.

For example, and not exhaustively, the following conduct is prohibited:

Links that pose a potential risk but do not violate the above provisions are permitted subject to the following condition (which is the default): The address of the link must be changed from http://www.seite.de to h**p://www.seite.de so that it is not possible to click directly on this potentially dangerous link. If someone should reconstruct and use the original Internet address despite this protective measure, then no adhesion is taken over with damage to hard and/or software as well as damage of financial kind on the part of the board operators.

MyVETmo Students Navigator expressly forbids to transmit or otherwise make accessible on the board any graphics or images with pornographic, National Socialist, racist or other content that violates the applicable law of the Federal Republic of Germany or that impairs the interests of a third party. MyVETmo Students Navigator reserves the right to delete illegal images immediately.
MyVETmo Students Navigator respects the right to freedom of expression and the right of users to share personal content. Since MyVETmo Students Navigator is freely accessible to people of all ages and the content is easily found via search engines, MyVETmo Students Navigator reserves the right to veto the publication of sexually or sexually provocative or significantly violent content. By linking or uploading images, the user assures that he is entitled to the corresponding copyright or that he is entitled to use the images. The user himself is liable for infringements of the copyright of third parties.

Incitement of the people
MyVETmo Students Navigator expressly prohibits the distribution of content that incites hatred against parts of the population (incitement of the people) or propaganda for an anti-constitutional organization. The use of names, addresses and telephone numbers to expose third parties is also prohibited.

Insulting communication
The board is a service in which many different communities of people meet. Our goal is to provide all members with an interesting, stimulating, and communicative place. The use of vulgar, abusive, or hateful language runs counter to this goal and is therefore prohibited. Remember that minors are also online. If you use vulgar or otherwise abusive language online, this age group may misinterpret these statements. This also applies if these expressions are masked by symbols or other signs. You may not harass, insult, threaten, libel, slander, embarrass or discredit anyone, be it a natural or legal person, a company or any other institution/organization, or assert or disseminate false facts, while using the MyVETmo Students Navigator.

It is annoying if a member contacts another member in order to give him or her unwanted attention or to disturb him or her in any other way. MyVETmo Students Navigator does not tolerate that a member is harassed in any way. MyVETmo Students Navigator may therefore suspend, restrict or terminate the membership of any member who harasses others with immediate effect. You may of course have disagreements with others – we encourage lively discussions in our forums – but we do not tolerate personal attacks and attacks based on race, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability or other similar circumstances. If you have a disagreement with someone, please remain factual and do not become personal.

Identity delusion
An identity deception can, for example, be the imitation of another natural or legal person or the use of protected brand names. In addition, there is a deception if a member on the board e.g. as an operator / moderator / administrator of MyVETmo Students Navigator or as a provider, host or with a foreign name poses. This applies in particular to the selection of screen names (“nicknames”) or member profiles as well as dialogs in the individual forums. The nickname can be changed by setting it in the user’s profile, whereby the user loses the right to use the old nickname and it can be reassigned. The use of several accounts by one person is not permitted. If a member has several user accounts, we reserve the right to block all these accounts.

Copies/copy protection
Due to the new copyright law which came into force on 13.09.2003, contributions with descriptions, instructions, references and links to circumvent / cancel copy protection measures of copy-protected media are inadmissible.

Dialogue disturbance
A dialog failure occurs when a member intentionally disrupts the normal progress of the dialogs in a thread. This can happen e.g. by repeatedly interrupting the conversation between other members, by harassment or by creating enemy images or hostilities.

Compliance with the Online Etiquette / Netiquette / General Rules of Interpersonal Intercourse
Violations of the above rules are prohibited. If you witness any communication in the MyVETmo Students Navigator that violates these Terms of Use, you may notify us at any time using our contact details above.

Manipulation / modification of the HTML code
Changes and interventions in the source code are forbidden. Such changes are a massive intrusion into the board’s resources and can cause problems for the entire community. This behavior will result in the immediate termination of membership without warning.

PrivateMessaging / eMails
A private message (hereinafter: PM) or an e-mail represents a direct, confidential communication between two individual users, which cannot be viewed and read by other users. The publication and/or forwarding of contents of a PM or eMail is not permitted without the consent of both communicating users. Any behaviour contrary to the rules may lead to the immediate deletion of the membership without prior warning.

The distribution of advertising in all forms (graphics, links, etc.) without the prior express and written permission of the operators is prohibited and in no case permitted. This behavior can lead to the immediate deletion of the membership. Such inadmissible advertising will be deleted immediately. Should the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany also be violated by the illegal advertising, the operators reserve the right to take legal action.

House right
The house authority lies with the moderators, administrators and operators of the board. They can block or delete the posting in question and/or warn or block the user in question in the case of violations mentioned above or in the case of other postings or users who disturb the board peace, the reputation of the board and/or other values. The decision about the intervention and the type of intervention is at the discretion of the moderator/administrator. MyVETmo Students Navigator reserves the right to delete names and posts that violate general decency rules or the above points. MyVETmo Students Navigator has the right to restrict and/or delete memberships without prior warning in the event of gross violations of the above-mentioned conduct in particular and in the event of gross violations of netiquette in general.

Data protection and deletion of membership
MyVETmo Students Navigator is entitled to manage the data provided during registration for internal use only and to store it on a physical data carrier. MyVETmo Students Navigator is entitled to process the stored data for internal use only. MyVETmo Students Navigator is 100% committed to the Data Protection Act of the Federal Republic of Germany and does not pass on any data of registered users to third parties.
By submitting contributions and images, you grant MyVETmo Students Navigator the right to make these contributions and images permanently available to ANYONE or to process them in any other way within the scope of MyVETmo Students Navigator operations. Please check the information in your contributions BEFORE sending them – you can expect that contributions will be registered in search engines and can therefore be made accessible worldwide without having to specifically access our website. MyVETmo Students Navigator cannot be held responsible for the deletion or correction of your contributions. You accept that your IP address (only visible to MyVETmo Students Navigator) will be stored for each of your contributions.